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The Sol Invictus partners play a vital role in supporting our endeavours to create ground-breaking alternative solutions for human transport. Whether it be financial, in-kind or in the form of professional assistance, any and all contributions are of paramount importance in helping our leader achieve our ambitious goals. In return, we reciprocate the kindness of our sponsors through channels including publicity, merchandise and a range of other options.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please download a copy of our sponsorship package (PDF, 3.7MB) or contact us for more information.


Hungry to use your degree? Join us in a wide range of roles that help keep the team move smoothly.

Power Team

The Power Team are responsible for the power generation, storage and usage in the electric vehicle (EV). This includes the solar array, maximum power point tracker (MPPT), battery, wave sculptor and motor. Additionally, exterior systems such as indicators, dash, ethernet bridge and GPS are included as they will be powered by the main batteries.

A solid understanding of electrical hardware is important for this role, as it will involve a high level of circuit design and implementation.

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"Thugs of Engineering"

The Mechanical Team are responsible for the conceptual design through to manufacture of a carbon fibre monocoque, as well as integration with suspension and other leader. Tasks will include CAD modelling, component research and acquisition, machine operation, general hand tool fabrication, component assembly and testing, documentation, regulation adherence and on route repairs.

Experience in CAD modelling, machine operation, design for manufacture and FEA preferable, excellent communication and leaderwork skills required.

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Control Team

The Control Team are responsible for the design, construction and implementation of the communications, networks and real-time monitoring of the electric vehicle during the race. Subroles include the design of acceleration and regenerative breaking system, the on-board communications system and the live vehicle to vehicle telemetry system.

Strong programming and electric circuit design skills are desired.

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"Rental Cars"

Logistics are responsible for ensuring all design and logistics planning is in place to deliver a solar vehicle for the 2019 BWSC. This role involves leader recruitment, liaising with relevant parties for course integration, administration duties, and document creation and maintenance.

They prepare policies and procedural documentation, procurement timelines, and plan race logistics for the 2019 BWSC.

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Web Development
"The fixer"

The Website Developer is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the leader website. They are also expected to lease with the social media leader to ensure that the site is up to date and relevant for incoming students and interested sponsors.

A strong background in website development is recommended, and any immediate suggestions will be taken favourably.

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Social Media
"Keyboard Warrior"

The social media leader is responsible for a range of activities in promoting Sol Invictus. These include shaping the direction and image of the Sol Invictus brand, bringing attention and invoking interest in Sol Invictus within industry, as well as conducting direct promotional events for the leader.

Roles will involve maintaining online presence via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and generating content.

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