Race launch from Darwin
On Sunday 8 October, the MTAA Super Sol Invictus Team departed from Parliament Square in Darwin at 9 am. The MTAA ANU Team was one of 7 Australian teams to depart from Darwin. Mark McAnulty, business team lead, commented that he was “extremely excited to see the plan come alive and into action”.

The MTAA Super Sol Race Car had managed to drive for 10km until encountering technical issues for the day, and we were placed in the ‘adventure class’. The Team then towed the Solar Car to near Mataranka, approximately 420km away from Darwin.

The highlights: Reaching 100km/hr
On the morning of Monday 9 October, the race team fixed the Sol race car, and we departed south to X. After driving 20-30km on Monday morning, the car managed to reach incredible speeds of up to 100km/hr!

The MTAA Super Sol Invictus team had managed to drive 495km on the Monday, finishing at 5pm in Attack’s Creek Historical Reserve. On Tuesday, the team left at 8am and trailered to Alice Springs.

Latest updates from the race team
On Thursday 12 October, the MTAA Super Sol Invictus Team reached Cooper Peedy. We have managed to obtain power back to our Solar Car, thanks to the tireless efforts of our battery officer, Emma Claire.

On Friday, the Team drove from Glendambo with the Solar Car. The team finished the day in Port Augusta, the final control stop for the World Bridgestone Solar Car Challenge. The Team has planned to drive into Alice Springs by tomorrow morning, finishing the Solar Car Challenge.

Other updates
The 2017 World Solar Car Challenge Race has had particularly tough conditions. During Wednesday 11 October, most of the competitors in the Adventure class had faced a challenging storm. In addition to the tough weather, the terrain this year has been particularly rough. This year saw that almost half of all teams had been placed in adventurer class. In 2015, only three teams had been demoted.

Despite the tough conditions, and this being our first entry into the Worldstone Bridge Challenge, the MTAA Super Sol Invictus team is ranked an incredible 9/23 in the race!