Final Stage Gate

On Friday 28th July, the MTAA Super Sol Invictus Team passed our final stage gate. The main focus of this stage gate was to hear updates from the technical team and plans for the Challenge. Furthermore, it was a chance for the panel to offer some final advice to the team and to reflect on the journey of the project.

Nathan Coleman, the technical team lead reported that the components were all ready, with some parts still to arrive, but the assembly of the car was moving along swiftly. However, there is still a long way to go. A series of tests need to be run on the solar car to ensure it is safe to drive and will pass the strict scrutineering process on the Challenge. In previous years, solar vehicles have travelled from all around the world to Darwin, only to fail the rigorous inspections and be unable to compete. The technical team are working furiously to ensure this is not the case for us. In the next few weeks, the team will be pedantic in checking the steering, breaks, chassis, front and rear suspension and other components. Of course, there will need to be repairs and adjustments to the car on the road as the journey is not a short one. The race team and the drivers have prepared for this and are looking forward to getting the show on the road, quite literally.

Launch is coming…we promise!

Due to a delay in receiving our outer shell for the vehicle, the MTAA Super Sol Invictus Team has delayed the launch of the vehicle to mid-September, when we will be certain of putting on a great show. Special guests will include Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt, MTAA Super Chairman John Brumby and MTAA Super CEO Leeanne Turner. This event will also be an opportunity for sponsors to send off the race team to Darwin. We will send out email invitations as soon as a date is confirmed.

We understand that not all sponsor representatives will be able to attend on such short notice. However, there will be many photos and videos from the launch event posted on our MTAA Super Sol Invictus Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Bruce Hall, venue of the MTAA Super Sol Invictus launch event in mid-September.

Workshop Tour and BBQ

Shortly, we will be inviting sponsors to have a look at where the magic happens: our workshop. We will try our best to remove the odour of 2-minute noodles and coffee before you all arrive. This will most likely be on a weekend in mid-August so sponsors can bring family and friends along too and join us for a BBQ afterwards. Invitations will be sent out shortly via email.

A team BBQ outside the workshop one Saturday morning after our weekly ‘fishbowl meeting’

Team Member of the Month: Jacob Debono

Jacob is the aerodynamics lead in the technical team. He is responsible for everything ‘air flow’ related both inside and outside the vehicle, from drag to cooling. Jacob will also be seeing his hard work up close, travelling with the race team from Darwin to Adelaide and offering technical support on the road. He joined the MTAA Super Sol Invictus team because he has a vested interest in aerodynamics, particularly when it comes to racing. He wanted to gain practical skills and test himself against some of the world’s best engineers. Outside of his studies, he loves cricket, soccer and Formula One. He is also the self-proclaimed ‘team pranker’ and Zumba instructor. His dream travel destinations all revolve around food: he wants to go to Italy for the pizza and Turkey for the kebabs. Jacob has been working tirelessly, going above and beyond throughout the project, and always with a flare of finesse and humour.